5 Awesome Mugs for your Nintendo Lover - All The Coffees

Do you have a Nintendo lover in your house? Do you love Nintendo games? Here are some coffee mugs to buy for the Nintendo lover you love!

I am a total Nintendo lover. 100% not a super gamer, but absolutely love Super Mario Bros. and basically all the old games that have made Nintendo super famous. and since people know i love coffee, I tend to get a lot of mugs as gifts that represent my love for Nintendo and coffee.

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And to be honest, I’m not about to complain! I love the mugs I get! So I just wanted to make a list of five cool Nintendo related coffee mugs that are pretty awesome. You might want to pick up for your loved one or just give them a look but I think these ones are pretty cool.

1. Super Mario Collectibles | Super Mario 8-Bit Boss Black Ceramic Coffee Mug –

This mug is the absolute cutest! I love that it has the night time castle from Super Mario Bros. and I love that there is a design on the inside as well! It defintely takes me back to this game and I would use this on the daily. It has great reviews too so if you are looking for a mug like this I would definitely give it a try! Buy it on Amazon here.

2. Super Mario Bros Vintage White Boo Molded Coffee Mug | 20 Ounce

This cup is great for so many reasons! First? It features Boo, so I mean duh – LOL! Second, its pretty a gigantic mug that can hold LOTS of coffee. I can definitely agree with some of the design flaws from this cup though – it might be a little odd to drink out of, but if you don’t mind that, or are drinking iced coffee with a straw, then you might be ok. That being said, it looks like a pretty cool cup that any Nintendo lover would thank you for! Click Here to shop this cup on Amazon!  

3. Toad Mushroom Coffee Cup – Super Mario Bros Nintendo Collectible – Coffee Mug by Paladone


Ok so who doesn’t love this little guy? This cup actually looks pretty nice and easy to drink out of – and is an iconic mug for any Nintendo lover! I love its red color and would definitely love getting this mug for a gift from anyone! You can find this here on Amazon!

4. Paladone Super Mario Brothers Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug by Paladone – Collectors Edition

I love this cup because it changes from day to night! And who doesn’t remember Worlds 3 and 6? Its a classic mug shape, making it easy to drink out of, and it shows some of the best scenes from the original 8 bit Super Mario game. Give it a look here at Amazon.

5. Paladone Super Mario Brothers Question Block Ceramic Coffee Mug

And last, but definitely not least, This awesome Question Block Mug! Who wouldn’t want to pour coffee into this mug?! Its completely amazing! One edge should have a lip on it to make it easier to drink from as well, so you should be able to drink coffee without making a mess. See it here on Amazon

Let us know if you buy one of these mugs and if your Nintendo lover loved it! Thanks for reading guys! Have a great day!