How do I make an Espresso? - All The Coffees

Can you imagine your life without waking up to a great cup of coffee every day? To be honest, if someone told me one day that all the coffee disappeared from Earth, my sadness levels would skyrocket!  Also, I don’t think anyone really wants to see me before I’ve had my morning fill of coffee – LOL!

Everyone loves a great drink with espresso, right? But what exactly is an espresso and how do I make one? Espresso is a strongly brewed coffee “extracted” from a single-purpose espresso machine. Espresso has a rich coffee flavor, topped with a naturally pulled “crema”. People use it to create a variety of different coffee drinks from cappuccino to latte and most of the coffee drinks you typically order from your local coffee shop. 


How Do I Make Espresso?

Fresh espresso tastes amazing when it’s prepared correctly. If you can’t go to your local coffee shop for a daily dose of it, you can use a special machine at home to create one. First, you need to buy your favorite coffee beans and turn them into an espresso grind quickly. Before making espresso, make sure to fill your espresso machine with clean and filtered water. Next, remove the portafilter (cooking basket with handle) and fill it with espresso. Make sure that you don’t forget to tamp the espresso, remove it evenly and return to the machine. Then press the start button on your device. The creamy espresso will then drip into the glass until it finishes brewing that perfect shot.

One crucial component to brewing Espresso

The most crucial step involves using the tamper to pack the espresso into the portafilter. In doing so, it ensures that water flows evenly through the espresso. To fill this up properly, hold the tamper lever and rotate your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. Afterwards, place the portafilter on a flat surface and apply even pressure to squeeze kilograms of coffee at once. You have to make sure that you tamp your coffee the right way, otherwise you will end up with a hot mess.

The espresso machine then creates pressure and pours the almost boiling water into finely ground coffee beans. In doing so, it creates a cake-like foam, often referred to as “crema” that everyone loves and wants. In this way, you can get shots of a complex and excellent drink containing caffeine in less than 30 seconds.

In every regard, preparing an espresso shot trumps other methods of brewing coffee. Other brewing methods take a lot of time because they rely on the slow filtering of hot water in the heat of the process. It means that it will take a few extra minutes away from you and your fresh cup of espresso.

 In conclusion… 

Espresso has changed many lives for the good and there are nearly 70% of people in the whole world who say that their day cannot start without a good cup of it. They have made the right choice for themselves; it’s your time to make yours now.